Astronautics covers an extremely wide range of scientific and technical studies, from the chemistry of propellant mixtures (pergols), the study

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) is a set of radio telescopes scattered all over the world and linked by interferometry,

It has been known since the discovery of Heinrich Hertz in 1887 that radio waves are of the same nature

While the eye is sensitive only to the light perceived instantly, the silver medium (photo plate and films) that was

It is enough to have spent a few seconds on the eyepiece of a so-called azimuthal instrument, mounted on a

Around the world, about thirty observatories have dedicated at least one telescope to the study of the Sun. Given the

Since the manufacture of the 5 m diameter mirror of the Mount Palomar Observatory in 1939, because of their gross

At the turn of the twentieth century, Lorentz understood the futility of mechanical support to explain the propagation of the

A decisive step was taken in the seventeenth century by Johannus Kepler in Germany, a renowned mathematician, the founding father