How to observe the sun?

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If you want to observe the Sun, ask your parents for help to observe it safely. You can never observe the Sun directly, whether with binoculars, a telescope or a telescope because you risk not only burn but become blind. Indeed, the lens and the eyepiece will focus the light that will become hot and if you have already used a magnifying glass, you know how the concentrated light is able to burn any object.

Always remember that you can never observe the sun without precaution, otherwise it is the insured hospital!

If you want to look at the Sun through a telescope safely, you need to use a filter or sun-friendly accessory.

There are several methods, in order of preference:

  •  The Mylar filter
  • Observation by projection on a screen
  • Herschel’s helioscope
  • The interference filter.

The ideal and cheapest solution is to use a special Mylar filter, a kind of aluminum foil that you can easily cut to any size to fit any lens.

This Mylar leaf only allows 1 / 100,000 light and is specially designed to observe the Sun. You will find it in all astronomy stores.


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